Caring for Cancer Seminar presented by Rylen Feeney, Dipl.CH & ABT (NCCAOM)

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 This seminar, explores the important role acupuncture and complementary medicine plays in caring for individuals living with cancer. With this holistic approach, you will be able to:

  • help people with cancer preserve greater quality of life
  • lessen side effects from Western allopathic treatments
  • increase patients’ ability to sustain a stronger immune system during chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • help rebuild and recover greater health after completing conventional treatment. 

You will learn the underlying factors linked to cancer based on the principles of Chinese medicine. There are multiple variables that contribute to the cause of cancer, including exposure to an ever increasing amount of environmental toxins, emotional stress, poor nutrition, and issues with digestion and elimination that contribute to an accumulation of internal toxins and damaged organs. 


  • Unedited videos of the Qigong the first and second day
  • Bodywork protocol videos
  • Audio Recordings of the entire weekend, unedited
  • 117 page PDF of handout
  • 35 slide power point presentation
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Caring for Cancer Seminar presented by Rylen Feeney, Dipl.CH & ABT (NCCAOM)

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